A few days ago i saw a video on metacafe that explained how to configure a trick for the internet. it was basically you take an address and put it into some code in notepad and then everytime anyone tries to go to the that address it gets redirected to a different address that you can choose. now i've been looking for this video for ages and googled but have come up with nothing. anyone know what this is or did i make it up?
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wrong, its hosts.summat i cant remembr the file name, onld prank. from pre dns days lmao.
google hosts file trick
you right click n hit view source... that can edit a pages html code but you cant change it for other people to see
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<img src="javascript:void(window.location="http://www.google.com")">

you'd have to insert that in the source code
^and no you couldnt do that through note pad^

you could have that injection for an avatar, but more than likely, certain charcters and phrases are filtered
He probably thought about redirecting people using the SAME computer, such as a school computer >_>
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well i saw it on a different computer so checking the history wont work. isaw it and didnt think anythingg off it but my room-mate keeps going to em, unsavoury sites shall we say, on my computer so i think it would be worth a giggle if the next time he did it and he was all ready for some pr0n, a picture of his girlfriend popped up. funny, no? anyway, can't seem to figure it out. but the video had it that you could go into firefox, type in say www.google.com, and it would just automaticaly go to ultimate-guitar or whatever site you chose.
or just use in-line javascript injection

it works for a place like an e-cafe
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ah cool. ill find it again i was just getting annoyed with not being able to find it and going through pages of 'internet tricks' on metacafe, youtube and google. anyone able to think of an alternative to 'internet tricks' i could try?
save a htm file with the content of -
<script language="javascript">


function bam()
<body onload="bam()">

and open it

prbly has a few flaws in it dependent on whcih browser you use