guitar seemed choppy. what I mean by this is that the strumming pattern wasn't fluid and there were moments when the guitar was too quiet. Good tone tho.

vocals were alright . I'm sure you aren't tone deaf, so I would say that your rendition of the chorus is creative and pretty cool(but I like the original chorus better!). B/c the guitar playing seemed a little off rythmically, the vocals did too.

nonetheless, decent cover, good take


btw, you and I have very similar musical taste. (Muse, RHCP, Fray,Radiohead...)

under the bridge-seemed alot more upbeat than original...kinda liked it...

how to save a life- honestly, didn't like it

which artist sings "better together"?
Its appreciated man

Anyways thanks for the critiques, The little choppiness that sounds almost completely unhuman is because audacity on my laptop has glitches here and there that skips or speeds up or something. You can hear it in my voice when I sing and it happens. I know I am no radiohead one man band, but I think I did some justice with an acoustic and a incomputer microphone.

I hate my rendition of under the bridge haha the microphone had a ton of clipping sounds better live. How to save a life usually is my killer, I dont remember how it sounds online but it usually kills the crowd. Better together is by Jack Johnson.

Thanks again!
you didnt use the right strumming pattern, you changed the chorus... but you shouldnt have done either of them. vocals were pretty good, but next time try to stay closer to the original.

time is running out:
same here, i mean originally its not played with acoustic, but you changed it to some weird rythm, which sucked. vocals good here too.

under the bridge.... dude, please when you play this song, at least try to learn the intro (i made the experience that its pretty hard to play on an acoustic compared to an electric but anyway..)

and now i tell you what youre gonna do!!!!!!
STOP using jack johnsons percussion style when youre playing songs that are NOT from jack johnson! i know its fun and stuff, but it will just annoy people when any song will sound like its from him!
why do i tell you this... well bcause i did the exact same thing a year ago... i was just starting to play guitar and as i was really into jack johnson back then i couldnt get rid of the strumming he uses, which really sucked coz i didnt really recognize it but other people did. and i tell you, when i got finally rid of it and learned to play songs the way they were meant to be played i earned a lot more respect from other people...

long story short, cure your jj-corrupted mind ;D

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I dont I think...I use my style. Ill work on what you said I appreciate the comments. For the muse cover, its experimental. Its acoustic. Muse is an experience and I shrunk it down to just guitar and singing. I dont see how thats jack johnson at all.
no, its not for the muse song (which vanished from your soundclick btw) its for under the bridge.
Muse I was uploading a version i recoreded today..it must have corrupted before you posted. Can you play karma police? I just want to hear how you would do it so maybe I can become a guitar expert.
you may get an expert without me playing karma police
but if you insist i can.
I just obviously cant hear the patte or am doing it terribly wrong. If it isnt too much trouble could you record a verse without words so I can hear what youd do.
I liked the originality of the covers, but at some points you just NEED more instruments to get the mood across. Most evident on "Karma Police", but TIme Is Running Out seemed to work somewhat.

Well done on not doing a straight up cover BTW. Doing that is just plain lazy, despite what other people on here may say
Well done cover. I thought the vocals were just as good as the original. They need to be louder though. I prefer the original chorus but props for changing it up. Throughout the whole song I was trying to figure out what the glitches were but then I read your post. It really distracts from the song. Overall well done it does seem a bit empty without other instruments though.