So, I have the 360, I've played online before (F.E.A.R.). And the last few games that I've tried to play online, I've encountered problems with. For instance, the most recent one being NHL 08.

Anyways, I can connect to x-box live and everything, and I've been able to download demos and such from the marketplace. But any time that I try to join a game now, it turns up as the game session no longer being available. I know this happens from time to time when things are going as they should be. But this is a consistent thing, and no matter what I do, it won't work. So, does anybody know what could be wrong? Or if anybody knows a thing or two about it, and needs more information about the situation, what do you need to know?

It would be greatly appreciated
you could call the xbox help line
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do you use a router. If so it probally has something to do with that. So if xbox live support cant help then call your router manufacter.
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you could call the xbox help line

Thank you for being a dick . I obviously know that I can contact x-box live support, but it's easier if I'm already on the computer to see if anybody has experienced the same problems and could give me a solution.