So, my conclusion are JACKSON KELLY VS IBANEZ GRG270B ??

I need some opinions, what is the best guitar for playing all kind of musics (to play linkin park stile for preference)? And what is the best of this two for beginners? xD

Jackson kelly have a great shape but the pickups are "bad" but if i buy this guitar i will change the stock pickups (my first choice)

GRG270B have a normal shape, tremolo are "bad" too but the advantage is the middle pickup...i don't know if the ibanez pickups of this guitar are great :S

So tell me what of this 2 guitars is the best...I'm so confused...if i buy a guitar i probably chose the jackson kelly tell me please if this is a good choice.


I'm portuguese, so sorry my mistakes xD...i think english people can understand 70% of it...
ibanez pickups arent the best now i dont like the pointyness of the jackson but i think you do so go fot the jackson
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