how do i get my bass to sound funky and bassy lol (like flea). I have a fender rumble 100 amp and a squier vintage mod jazz bass.
get a new bass..... or at least pick ups, he uses bartolini pickups with his modulus (wich he uses for msot stuff)...they have a very distinct sound... i was like you i couldent get that tone for the life of me... then my school got a new bass ibanez sr505 with bartolini pickups, it has the same tone as flea with a little tweaking narurally

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Both pickups full on. Turn your bass knob up a good bit, your low mids in between your bass knob and flat, scoop your high mids out quite a bit, and give a nice treble boost.
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Actually, Flea has Lane Poors in all his Modulus's.
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change your setup completely that is how
get a GK cabinet and head
and atleast active picups