"Dearest, Cover Your Ears, These Words You Just Don't Wanna Hear."

And I hope that bottle is keeping you warm.
Since then my arms have been redundant.
There's nothing cool about always drinking.
Your liver may as well be the titanic.
And I hope I'm the iceberg. (ticking?)

I've drawn some conclusions whilst you're blank.
I'm sick of how much my lyrics are starting to suck.
And surely by now you have splinters?
From always sitting on the fence.
We're always running in fear of winter.
Have a little common sense.

It's not like I can turn and say I hate you.
Because we simply both know that isn't true.
And I've been awake for days.
Hoping to have rewritten our history.
To have you sleep near to me.
Not even next to me.

I'm gonna take that shooting star
And it's going in my pocket.
Then Im coming round to you and...
I'm gonna act like I never caught it .
Then you can wish that we never see each other again.
And then this can be the end.
This can be the end.
i really like the bit in the end about the falling star, that was cool.

the first two lines of the second stanza don't really flow that well. or maybe its that the last 4 lines flow really well, and the first two seem worse by comparison? i dont know...

when you said you don't hate the person this song's about, i didn't really believe it. the rest of the piece kind of contradicts that. especially the part about the titanic. that's a very strong metaphor to use, you should make sure you really mean it.