listen to these new songs i just uploaded, pretty sweet if i do say so myself. anyway, tell me what you thiink.

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I'm really likin' what I'm hearing in The Deluxe; fantastic song, but the auxiliary percussion seems a bit off time in parts. I do like the drumming on the song though. Are those congas?

Mucho Macho is just too funky. It sounds square in the beginning, but then the odd chords really spice the track up. Definitely a real keeper. My only suggestion is to have a Flea-inspired slap bass to hold up the bottom. Not real aggressive, just to give the track a little more "presence", for lack of a better term.

You got a great band going here, keep it up!

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hey thanks man, yeah those are bongos in the deluxe and I agree with you on the whole bass thing but the problem is we dont have a bass player, well at least can't find a good one.
I listened to the Deluxe, and i do tihnk it's a really beautiful song, great melodies. my crits will be the same as ultra turtle, aux percussion a bit off and maybe you could use a keyboard or so to make a temporary bass, it would sound really nice

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=693026 if you want to crit something
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