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Yeah I hate DT
3 27%
I like them
5 45%
I'm in the middle
3 27%
Voters: 11.
I am not sure any of you have had the misfortune to hear this pretencious drivel.

They steal all their riffs from Metallica, King Crimson, Rush and even Tool. All of which also suck. Dream Theater consider themselves the best band in the world because they can play other people's songs faster than the original.

The lead 'singer' is awful. He tries to get his voice as high as he can whenever possible and often misses the notes.

Rather than try writing songs that work within themselves, Dream Theater simply string a collage of riffs together with no regard for the quality of the song as a whole.
you're about to be flamed... very, very badly.

lots of people round hear worship pettruci, and by the way I'm in the middle.
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Or is it just verbal sewage pouring out of your mouth?

I mean i'm not a fan of them by any means, but I don't go round shoving down peoples throats.
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Quote by Cpt.Jackass

Or is it just verbal sewage pouring out of your mouth?


I mean, what riffs are stolen?

Let me ask you this: Have actually listened to them BEFORE Train of Thought?