Im looking for a song to play along the lines of old testament, old slayer, old metallica, old megadeth, old iron maiden, etc. I would like any song from these bands except :
Raining Blood
Die by The Sword
Souls of Black
Aces High
The Trooper
Fear of the Dark
Seek and Destroy
No Remorse
Master of Puppets

because i already know all of those. I really will take any thrash song as long as its good with my definition of good being: anything that sounds like the bands i listed.

Alone In The Dark by Testament is awesome IMO. Another favourite of mine is Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica.
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i know the intro and verse but i just cant get those solos in holy wars. I would rank myself as intermediate. any other ideas? btw good thinking i love that song.
well im learning battery right now and its defianately a good one to learn. lucretia by megadeth is cool too if you cannail the solo
Iron Maiden- Phantom of The Opera
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Thanks for the ideas guys i have been needing a good song to learn and you have given me many good ideas. Thanks again!
divine intervention by slayer on the divine intervention album its a good song
try out army of evil by POWER
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She Wolf - Megadeth
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