One-man band looking to expand and form an online band.

Here are 5 of my songs. Mostly instrumental stuff there cos' I thought it best to showcase my songwriting and guitaring abilities. I have others that will work with vocals and a full-band.


Let me know if you're keen - need Drums, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Violinist/Cellist (occasionally). Looking into rock/nu metal/progressive stuff.

I could do vocals.
what are you look for?
i can scream, throat, and my normal singing voice is nice for metal i would think.
Hit me up
Scruffs! OK, let's look for a vocalist and perhaps a drummer. let's start with something simple. Gimme a day and I'll put up a demo backing track and we'll work with that until we find the other mates. Is that OK with you?

Kelton, do you have anything for us to have a listen to before we proceed?

i can guitar, i can do simple keyboards, i can do growls, i can do Viola (similar to violin but enstead of G D A E strings i have C G D A). My mains are Viola and Guitar.