I really love the Moog keyboard that is used by Motion City Soundtrack, and I can't find any guitar effect pedals to model that sound. I know there are Moog guitar pedals, but they don't have that same sound. Does anyone know if there are any effects that I can use to get that same sound? THANKS!!
not sure what sound you mean but try the Electro Harmonix micro synthesizer, there are some cool vids on youtube. Or the Electro Harmonix POG or HOG, they are more expensive though, from my point of view, the micro synth is your best bet.
You probably won't sound as good as a Moog keyboard, since from what I know Moog is known for synthesizers (I don't really know much, tho). But what 3nemy said is probably your best bet.

Roland has some sort of a guitar synth too but that might require special pickups.
Ye roland offer a midi type synth which would mean putting a midi pickup on your guitar and basically making it look tacky with plastic bits all over it and a serial cable or whatever dangling from it. I'd go with the electro harmonix pedals. You won't get a sound anywhere near as good as a moog though, they are really high tech quality pieces of kit.