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Hell yeah!
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Voters: 28.
Right my band formed about 1 and a half months ago, but only just completed our lineup 2 weeks ago. We've got a show on November 4th, but we've got very little material at the moment.
Do you think we'll be ready in time? We're aiming to have 4 songs written and maybe a cover or 2. Bear in mind that next week we all the a free week thanks to half term holidays and we all live near each other so can get around to practice easily.
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i imagine you would know better than anyone on ug if youll be ready or not. ya its possible, but completely up to you guys to put forward the effort. its really an obvious answer.
there is a good chance you will be fine...my band formed 15 days before our first gig and we pulled off four songs
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Yes, if you work hard.

Half-term holidays? Im jelous!
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With luck.

To make the 4 written songs in two weeks not sound like trash.

We're a melodic metal band, so it's gonna be tricky to get us all synced up
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As other people have said, it all depends on the band. If you guys have great chemistry and have tons of time to practice, it should be no problem, if people cant seem to agree on what sounds good, and you're stretched thin for time it might be a problem. The most important thing is practice though, just keep plugging and you should be ok.
my band formed 2 days before a gig our drummer got (still not sure how) and we managed a half hour show
its very possible
you just have to be dedicated
guitaruboy did you just play covers?
and how did your drummer get a gig for like a non existent band?
I joined a band in May earlier this year and we managed to pull off learning 20 cover songs together, for a gig that was 2 weeks after we formed (we had maybe 7 or 8 practices crammed in). We played over 15 songs at the gig...we kinda sucked (we did well on some songs but blew on others) because we were more worried about quantity over quality. If I could go back in time I would have definitely tried to get us to focus on just a few songs (max 10) since the gig was so close.

But yeah anyway, the point of my story is that I was in the same situation, so I recommend just focusing on a few songs to make them good. I noticed you have about 6 or so songs...4 of which are your own so you can't really screw those up. I think you're in good shape and you'll do well. Just make sure you guys practice a lot since you don't have time on your side.
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guitaruboy did you just play covers?
and how did your drummer get a gig for like a non existent band?

we played like 5 covers and 5 originals that i had written
i just showed them all to the drummer and bass player

and for your second question
they were desperate, looking for local bands, and we only getting paid in expierence
I'm going to straight out say, that I'd make sure your originals in particular are really tight, and sound really well put together. Theres nothing worse than seeing a band which can't even pull off their own songs.