Anyone going to see them in Wrexham tomorrow?

i sure know i am should be a cracker of a gig.

Any ideas on who's supporting?

lets see who responds, could be interesting
The North West even has decent metal right now? Im impressed.....or is this just another London/Birmingham/Coventry act thats visiting?

I know theres a few decent metal bands around here in manchester......its just hard to find them because of the obvious super-popularity of Indie and Brit-pop around here. I mean, I love the Manchester classic bands and such, Oasis, Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses, etc.......but it'd be a nice change to see a good metal act to rise around here.........
I would be starting my own sometime soon, but I feel I need to hone my guitar skills a bit more.
I think they are considered metalcore, and therefore belong in the hardcore forum.
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