So Ive heard about this thing that Billy Sheehan uses to tune to drop D and return to standard E quickly, And I wanted to know more about it, any info?

And if Im on the Sheehans subject, I heard he uses 2 amps, one distorted and one super clean.
Anybody have his rig specs?
basically it has a lever on it that moves in two positions. it works, as far as i know, by you tuning it to the dropped pitch with the lever down, then lifting it and tuning the other note. i've never used one, but i'll have a look
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I have a Sheehan book, give me two minutes.

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From memory, he uses Ampeg SVT-4 Pros (bi-amped), Rack mounted effects, a rack mounted Ashley CLX Compressor (BIG part of his sound).

The D-tuner lowers the pitch of the string, but is prone to going sharp from D.
It won't go sharp from D if you tune it right (Hipshot explains this very carefully. It's not just tune to E, drop the switch, tune do D, raise it back and you're done).

He has his own signature line of Ampeg Preamps that I believe he uses, too. But basically it's right that he biamps, the woofer pickup goes to the clean and the P-pickup goes to the distorted channel.
If I remember the video correctly, you have to tune the D, then tune the E, and then recheck the tuning on the D. They made it seem so simple, but I'm pretty sure the video is on Hipshot's site if you want to double check.

Anyway, my friend has one on his P-Bass, and it works nicely. I don't like to switch tunings, but I wouldn't mind it as much if I had one of those things. It really is a nice addition if you can use it.
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So how does he control his distorted amp? since he dosent sound distorted all the time(from what Ive heard)....

And should I get one of his solo albums?
He probably has an ABY box. Lets you choose channel A (Clean), channel B (Effected) or both.

And Cosmic Troubadour is very good.