Hey guys question, mostly on others opinion's. My Friend tell me i use a little to much legato, suppose i was play 12-14-15 D string and then going down to B and 9-11-12B-14-16-17. Is it bad to legato all of these kinds of notes? i do that a lot mostly because of my speed comes from playing like this. Like going from the LOW E down to the high E. if i were to play a couple notes on each string going fast would be done by legato instead of really picking. is it bad? my picking hand is alright but not really fast.
a very good example of my playing style would be the first solo in this song
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If you are trying to achieve real speed through legato, you'll be weakening your other speed techniques. Or some shizzle like that...
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i have some what of trouble picking fast, and using Legato helps me a lot and i decided to stick with it and it good really good for me. I was playing with my friend, he told to pick the notes. I made some mistakes here and their, but when i used legato. i didn't hitch on any of the notes. i prolly just need more practice picking notes. only logical way i see it
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I used to use a lot of legato as well (too much influence from Vai and Satch :p, but now I'm quite fond of picking as well (a la Gilbert). I say train them both equally. You don't want your hands to go out of sync and, therefore, be forced to use only one technique to play fast.
if using only legato inhibits your picking skills, then you should take some time to get your picking down as well as your legato, then you'll achieve maximum speed.

i like to use both in my playing because it gives it more character and sounds less sterile, it makes some things easier to play, and it lets me play at my top speed continuously.
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good to see I'm not the only one, I try to work on picking too, but I find legato is definately my style, you should do a bit of both, but if you use more legato than anything and you feel comfortable with it, well that's just your playing style then. I started doing it after I screwed up my wrists working in a meat factory.
The benefits of practicing alternate picking is that you have another choice to play a lick looking for a different phrasing.
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i economy pick more, i don't find alternate helpful. Economy keeps the motion going but still no where as Legato!.