Alright, so I was drinking water and there it went, it wasn't alot of water, but is there some potential harm done to my guitar?

Sorry, no pics. Digital Camera.. i have none
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what kind of wood is it? Did it have time to soak in?
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it probably didn't do any damage, unless you let it sit there for an extended amount of time. or if you poured 55 gallons on it.
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Seriously though, even your daily sweat is more likely to damage the fretboard then a whole gallon of water... just get some toilet paper or something else absorvent and wipe it off.
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what kind of wood is it? Did it have time to soak in?

Rosewood. I wiped it off seconds later after I spilt the water. So I gather that everything will be fine.

Thanks for the answers
If the undead zombies walk this this earth when it hits midnight, it'll be because you spilled water on your fretboard. But I think your fretboard should be alright since its rosewood and you wiped it up quickly, and it was only a small amount of water. Hopefully for you and the fate of humanity the board will be fine....
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