Currently I have a Vox Valvetronix, but now I'm looking to upgrade. What would you guys suggest for a good tube amp. I want something with good distortion since I mainly play heavy metal and rock, and decent have decent cleans. Price range doesn't matter too much, currently I just want to get some info and then I'll start looking at prices and so forth.


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hmm well i think a general consensus would be that you are going to have to get an overdrive pedal, someone correct me if im wrong. I would like to recommend the Peavey 6505. its a good amp, main use is for metal, but like i said if you find it to be lacking in distortion get a good overdrive pedal. i see a lot of people using modded tube screamers and the such. But then again most people like to use pedal boards and the such.

so basically try some amps out, and find the one that you like. opinions help but you cant base your whole decision off of them
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well if price really isnt an issue then +1
personally i think an orange with a high gain overdrive pedal (not one of those cheap metal zone's and metal ***** w/e) kicks major a**, but that's just my opinion
Money no object? Solando Deziel or Bogner's where to go.

For normal people who can only afford normal amps :P Mesa or perhaps Peavey Windsor. Ah wait no, you need cleans. Mesa then

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^ That is what I am going to try when I look for a new amp, try out an orange rockerverb and probably a metal muff. I won't always use heavy distortion so the dirty channel should be good for me too. If I don't like what it sounds I think I'll try a few ENGL's and peavey's and maybe a JCM. But I think it's best to find an amp with good cleans and work up from there, distortion wise.

End of the day it takes a while to find gear you really like.
I highly suggest trying some of the mesa offerings as well for your style of music! Any of the rectifiers or the mark IV as mentioned above. Great stuff for hard music.....plus they adapt pretty darn well!

You might dig some marshalls too. The only marshalls Ive ever played and really liked for a harder rock sound is the new JVM or a JCM 2000 head. Both have potential for a substantial amount of gain(they do not however compete with mesa for a real punishing sound).

I currently own a triple recto solo by mesa. This is a SERIOUS head! A true, all tube, 150 watt monster. Dont buy one unless you are sure your gonna need that power. This definitely aint no bedroom amp. The dual recto(100 watt head) may be more suitable.....but even still, its not a bedroom amp. Still capable of a lot of volume, but its a little more suitable to moderate gigs compared to the triple.

If all your doing is playing in your room.....something a little smaller yet may be the better option(the mark IV!!!!). Its still very loud at 85 watts.....but the class A setup will allow it to sound great at low volume too(doubles from a useable bedroom amp to a great gig amp for almost any venue)
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