I actually started on this song a while ago (like in january haha) when I was getting into the major scale, and I started working on it again yesterday and finished it today. It's not supposed to be epic or anything like my other songs, I just wanted to write something that had a nice melody to it. The only thing I'm not quite sure about is if certain sections fit together w/ others. Anyways tell me what you guys think and I'll do C4C when I get the time to
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Woah this is really great.... AGAIN lol....

I never really liked major keys very much, but this changed my mind.

Are you going to add vocals? you really should.

Ok time to crit:

The only thing I don't like so far is the little ghost note at bars 2 and 6. It sounds out of place and it bothers me.

13-15 reminds me of something that Clapton would write for Unplugged. I don't know why.

The progression after this is beautiful.

The strummed chors at 43 don't sound that great in GP, but I'm sure they sound better in real life.

At bar 54 you should keep the top two string open.

part 4 is agian, beautiful.

So good man, that was amazing. 10/10.

Again, you can crit anything in my sig, I don't care.
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Ah I love a good acoustic song
I agree the ghost notes are a little "strong" in gp...but they'd sound nice and smooth on a real guitar
I really like the chords you used in part 3, it brings back memories of a buncha things...i love when a song makes me think hah
It all sounds great man...intense epic metal songs are great, but it's nice to just sit and relax listening to somethin like this
It would probably sound good with a good orchestra kinda sound to go with it...but then again what doesn't sound good with one

No but seriously, great job. You really used the acoustic guitar to it's fullest extent here.

As stated in earlier posts above, I really like the chord progression in Part III. Really good stuff going on there.

My only "Complaint" would be that it seems to be lacking total fullness. I think you should add more instruments. (Keyboard(Synth/Orchestral), Lead Acoustic(Possibly?), Acoustic Bass?)

But I really enjoyed that.

I have an acoustic song in my sig I would appreciate you critting if you have the time.

holy god man.
holy god. thats fucking amazing. That blew my mind.
Man, you gotta record that shit. Thats intense.

Dude, you almost made me ****ing cry man.

I gotta say, one of the best damn songs on UG. So emotional it's not even...it's just crazy. I can't even tell you what to do man. This is amazing. Record this and post on your profile or something, this is just great. Good to see that we still have some good old acoustic stuff on here.

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as i go

I love the intro, you are a amzing acoustic writer and it shows in all your songs i wish i had your skillz

Part II is awesome and the little fills add to the greatness of it

The chord progression in part III is really good and enjoyable to the ears and very soothing i believe i really like the acoustic powerchords in bar 54.

Part IV is amazing and i just really want to repeat this secton alone and the fade out sounds very good and its a nice way to close the song

i have to say though...its a little short

C4C? mines in the sig
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I don't know why I haven't critted this considering it's a really great acoustic song. It's so good that I'm probably gonna go learn it now. Even though the strumming part sounds like poop because of GP, I loved every part of this song. Awesome song!
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Niiice man. Very nice melody indeed. As for the parts fitting together...the pause at the end of part 2 going to 3 is a little long. Other than that, everything is awesome, I think.

Great job, dude. Check out the acoustic tune in my profile if you like?
Incredible man, one of the best songs I've heard on UG.
Question, did you write this straight on GP or did you write it on your guitar first?
I'm definitely going to try and learn this.
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Great use of the major scale, I like it. You didn't make it sound cheesy at all, which is always what happens when I try to use it. I'm usually not that into things like this, but I really enjoyed this song.

I loved it, but the only real criticism I have is that most of it follows the 3+3+3+3+4 rhythm, which is used a lot. It's not really much of a problem, I just usually like songs that break out of that.

Anyway, overall amazing song.
Wow, exceptionally good. You really should flesh this out with additional instruments, I imagine that it'd sound particularly amazing with a nice strings arrangement.

WTF! How did I miss this one?

Awesome stuff. Reminds me... well, kinda of In Flames acoustic stuff. The fade out is awesome. And, it doesnt even really sound like it's using a major key/scale. (Or maybe I just suck at identifying keys....)
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The start is very nice, it's always nice to hear a major key used very well. The part where the chords are played could do with something else such as a lead or a keyboard or something.
All in all it's a great rhythm piece, if you could add a keyboard and some lead you'd have a beautiful piece there. Well Done.

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Wow...Man!!! May be you made Heavy song with it?
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that is really amazing!!
i love it soo much
ive been trying to learn it but its quite fiddly :P
im sure theres a way tho
anyway, some insane stuff!
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Holy crap, that was amazing...

It nearly brought me to tears when I listened to this, I can´t describe how great this piece was. I can´t find words to tell how much i liked this. Great work.
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It sounded really great, but I think the song structure is repetitive. Like in the first part you have the same eight notes displayed in the same fashion, and in part 2 almost the same...

But sounds very good...

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The Intro and Part two sound really nice.

When Part 3 came I was like, "this sounds a little strange"... but I liked it after listening through it all.

Great Job!
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The **** will be epic.