Personally this band is becoming one of my favorites. My favorite song would either have to be fight song, or Marigold and Patchwork. So i was wonderin, what are the inhabitants of the alt/indie forum's favorite Appleseed Cast tune.
But Dad, Nick Cannon is hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrious
One of my favorite bands ever. All 4 of their cds are so great. Favorite songs are Marigold and Patchwork, Fishing the Sky, Forever Longing Golden Sunsets, Here We Are, Losing Touching Searching, Fight Song, Innocent Vigilant Ordinary, How Life Can Turn. I neglected low level owl and lost songs as I dont listen to them too much.
I guess not...poor poor appleseed
But Dad, Nick Cannon is hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrious
Damnnnnnnnnn, i live in like the middle of nowhere, so i really doubt ill ever get the chance to see them live
But Dad, Nick Cannon is hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrious
Low level owl is there greatest work I"d say. Nice to know there some other fans out there. They are very good.
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I love them. Great band and their sound is unreal. I'm a total sucker for their blend of dreamy midwest emo.
Immense for chilling to and thattt.
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How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

I've sorta listened to them for a couple of years but recently really starting listening to them. I'm going to get one of their CDs for my birthday...which one would you guys recommend?
the songs Killgore Trout and Storms back to back <3
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They're pretty damn awesome. Deep Elm have a nice deal going on at the minute where you can get all their albums for cheap. They've also released one of their older albums on 2xLP with some of the money going to charity.
there so well put together!! its awesome! yeah fishing in the sky goes beyond my wildest dreams ob beautiful