I was thinking of grabbing some parts on ebay and throwing together an RG. So I found an RG350 body for around $75, but I was looking at necks.

What necks would fit a body of an RG350? Could I throw in one of the nicer wizard necks?

Also, if I buy a body, can I just throw in an OFR from ebay?

What parts would I need? I know I need a body, neck, bridge, knobs, and pickups.
yeah any wizard II or prestige neck would fit i think

yeah an OFR would work as long as the body was routed for an Edge III

you'd need all the eleckrtonics, maybe strap buttons, don't forget electronics cavity covers, pots, capacitors , screws, lock nuts, and tuners, and all the various junk usually on guitars, lol
The Wizard II is what's on my Ibanez S. It's alright, but I have only played a handful of necks.
find out which edge the tremolo cavity is routed for. an OFR is NOT a direct replacement for an edge, edge pro or edge 2.
i went into this in depth in another post recently.
i would also suspect that an OFR is not a direct replacement for a edge 3. ibanez does A LOT of proprietary stuff on their guitars. most likely so you are forced to buy ibanez replacement parts.

edit: well, i'm wrong on the edge 3... which i suppose is a good thing for people who are buying ibz with the edge 3
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