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Have them
28 23%
Had them and have good teeth
42 34%
Had them and teeth still look bad
5 4%
Never had them
47 39%
Voters: 122.
Yep, I have to get some for ~24 months. Kinda sucks.

Just wondering how many other people on UG have or had them.
Puts a few implications on getting chicks in the short run too.
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EDIT: like i said in the other thread that you made i had them for 16 months *supposed to be 18*
my teeth are fine now
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I wore them for two years got them off like three weeks ago and now im wearing a retainer at night. My teeth do look much better though.
I've had braces for a while. Still get plently of chicks. Hell, I'm a ladies man. So unless you've got terrible game, your luck with the ladies shouldn't suffer.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Had them for more then 2 years there so worth it. And don't worry about getting girls I got my first girl friend shortly after getting them. But that could also being my amazing good looks.
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i had em for like 4 or five years
i have ****ty teeth
but there gone now
and they suck ass
never needed em...and wtf are you talking about?
theres this dude in my class with horrible braces and he gets all the girls...while me...with perfect yellow teeth XD cant even get one girl...
GAH i've had braces for 6 years, i don't even know why i have them anymore like honestly.
I had them for two years, got my girlfriend during those two years.
They're a bit of a pain, getting food stuck in em and all that BS
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I have them,they said two years and it's approching two years and they plan to tighten them in when they see me again in November or December,when I was told I would be getting them off.
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Braces sucked, but now my teeth look great<----------See?
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I wore them for two years and got them off a couple of months ago. My teeth looked really bad before, I had a big gap in between my two front teeth. My teeth look good now.
I got mine off last month, my teeth look really straight and nice, whereas they were all screwed up before braces.
Had them for two years and got them off last year. I wear my retainers at night only and my teeth look great. Make sure you wear your retainers or else you'll definitely regret it and your teeth will look hella bad.
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I wore them for two years and got them off a couple of months ago. My teeth looked really bad before, I had a big gap in between my two front teeth. My teeth look good now.

Yeah i have a kinda gap in between the two middle. The main problem is my eye tooth is retarded but he said that will be better in like 2 months.
I have decent teeth, not bad or anything but I could do with braces. But I would really hate getting braces if I had to get them. I would be very very angry.

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I got mine off almost a year ago. My teeth are sexy.
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I've had them for almost two months. My teeth are really close to each other, so I got 4 teeth pulled before putting on the braces.
Had them when I was a kid cos they were a bit apart (thumbsucking, srsly!) but now my teeth are fucking awesome. They're a pain in the ass, but definitely worth it in the long run bud.
I just got mine off a little over 2 weeks ago, and I have to say my teeth look pretty good now. I had mine on for nearly 3 years though, well it would have been 3 years this February, but they told me it would only be 2. . . w/e

Now that mine are off, I can laugh at you for having them. . . : )
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I had mine on for 4 years, got them off about a month ago.

Teeth look great now.
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Yeah my sister was told hers would be 2 years and it was 5 + a major $33,000 jaw reconstruction which gave her a puffy face for a year because it was in two parts so thats why im a bit put off i guess.

I feel a bit better now though since everyones still been getting the ladies and are happy with their result.
you might end up needing them longer... annnd I dunno... you might have some trouble getting girls but midunnoo... as long as they don't have braces it should all be good... just watch out cause they mess with your speech for awhile
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I had mine for something like, 4 years, yuk. Very nice teeth now tho.
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