Alright, so this is a song that I started working on a few months ago. I slowly added stuff onto it, until I ended up with this. It's probably not finished yet. It sounds a lot like Agalloch. C4C.


EDIT: You can mess around with the volumes and stuff if you have GP5, I know the solo during the first acoustic part is a little quiet.
Very good in my opinion. It really does remind me of Agalloch as well, especially the acoustic part after the guitar solo.
The piano solo sounds great, would love to hear what you can come up with if you progressed on it for longer. All around good job, although the intro does seem long and tends to drag on a bit.
Props on the bass as well, love that riff.

P.S. Are you thinking of adding vocals? If so, clean or throat? Or both?
If you ever end up recording this I would be very interested in hearing it if you wouldn't mind.
Thanks .

It'll probably be a while until I record it, unless I'm getting into that band with insideac... I'm guessing it would be mostly clean vocals, but I haven't really thought about it.
First thing I noticed was bar 5 and corresponding repititions, just a suggestion to go from a B to an A rather than B to D on the first guitar. Nothing wrong with what you've done but it was what I was expecting and I personally think it sounds better.

Just like Agalloch, the massive repetition is dire. 64 bars of the same thing made me completely lose interest in what was actually quite a nice idea. Vocals will help it slightly but that didn't strike me as a good place to even put vocals. After that dirge, the acoustic, frankly, made no sense. It didn't make any sense in relation to what came before it and frankly the solo over it, whilst nice, sounded totally separate from the rest of it.

The section starting at bar 82 was very nice, lovely bassline and the faded in guitar leads have loads of atmosphere. Bit of advice for bars 121 for track 2, don't let the last two notes ring out because it clashes nastily with the following phrase. The solo there was lovely, though some of the phrases didn't look realistically playable (bar 125 has ridiculous stretches). I think the repeated lead and ending could have used some more aggressive and climactic drumming, and the song should really have ended on that Am chord, though leaving it on that G could make a nice flow into the next song or indeed another movement of the same song.

Overall I liked your ideas but the song needed a lot more organisation, a fault which I also see in Agalloch themselves.

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I loved both the sections, but the biggest problem is that there's only two sections in the song. You repeated way too much. This has potential to be an excellent song, and all the material is there, it just needs some variation. It needs some work, but what you have already is excellent. Crit my newest one? My Song
ctb likes this alot. I've heard a few Agalloch songs but compared to this, this song is too repetitive. The parts are excellent though.
You have really advanced chordal stuff going on, and the arpeggiated acoustic guitar i really really liked ^_^

like the solo too, i turned it up, well done. What instrument you play? guitar i assume? I liked the wholeness of the sound from all the "let rings" and the second guitar solo rocked i like the "sweep" in there. I also loved the dotted eigth bar, i love dotted eighths in 4/4, how they sound.


just needs a bit more variance.

4/4 is just so boring. <_<