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i have a question about a guitar that im interested in, its a behringer iAXE629-BKLS METALIEN USB-GUITAR, ive read some reviews and seen a video review, the guitar looks pretty good and the whole recording and adding effects etc sounds impressive, i have a few questions though if anyone could answer,

1. can you add real-time effects when playing the guitar, i.e. distoration, overdrive etc. will these play out of the computer/ speakers?

2. what software can you use with this guitar? are they any better apps or even better free apps that allow real-time playback with multiple effects etc.

3. would this be a good guitar for learning?

my skills at the moment arent to good, but i plan on taking lessons and it would be easier to carry this guitar in a guitar bag along with my small laptop and some flat speakers instead of lugging an amp around.

also any ideas on how best to start, i.e. learn some basic chords and learn rythm, melody and how to move my fingers or to jump in a try a bit of everything?

id say get a real guitar + a real amp...thats just my opinion though.
You'll look pretty nerdy when you go to your teacher, whip out a guitar, and a laptop.
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i would get a Line 6 Variax. Much better guitar for the money.

You can't connect it to a PC afaik. If you're interested in Behringers stuff, just get the Guitar to USB thingy they sell, which is like $50.
I own a Behringer guitar, and its definitely not anything worth getting for a second guitar, it was my first one and it served its purpose. I think I got lucky since mine actually plays alright, there is some occasional string buzz and it had poorly filed fret edges when I got it. The body on mine is plywood and extremely lightweight, yet it still resonates pretty well. The neck is pretty thin and actually kind of comfortable. The tuners are garbage, the trem is unusable like most other low tier strat copies, and the pickups are obviously sub par.

I think the Behringer USB guitar comes with software that does effects modelling and monitoring so I think you could use your PC for recording and monitoring if you wanted to.

Behringer also has a Guitar->USB interface for $40ish which probably does the same thing. Its probably not the best device for recording but that and a decent and playable guitar would be better than the Behringer IAxe.

I'd go for a slightly higher end import along the lines of an SX, Jay Turser, or Agile. You might have to replace some stuff on an SX but for $30-40 in upgrades it can be a great guitar for next to nothing.
The Behringer iAxe is a good beginner guitar since you don't have to buy a ****ty practice amp that you'll want to get rid of later .

It has its own software that turns your computer into an amp.
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