Poor jobless high school student here
I've managed to stash away about $300 and I'm just dying for an electric guitar.
I have a "plywood" acoustic right now (Prolly not plywood...but with as much as I know it actually could be )
I've been "using" it for a few months now, it's not to bad, but it's really not my style, at least I learned the basics off it

My price range really is $300 so if your gonna say something like "Just save till you have $700+" sorry, but I that would take more years than you know

Another big problem is I don't have an amp either...I found an old Yamaha GA-10 lying around but that can be bought for like 20$ so I don't think that's gonna do much :P.

So is there any hope for me finding a "mildly" decent guitar and amp for around 300$? Or am I better off just buying a PS2 and guitar hero xD (JK! you real players prolly shun GH or something )

I've also heard of running your guitar through the computer...but as far as I know that could be more expensive that just getting an amp lol.

Any advice for the nooblet?
Ibanez or Squier starter packs,
just get them set up correctly and don't bang on them as though they could survive it.
I don't even shred
wow, you used so many smiley faces...
But yea check pawn shops definately.
or Musiciansfriend
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My friend got away with an Epiphone SG (not bad really for a starting guitar) and a 15 Watt Spider (for someone on a budget it will do... but dont expect much :O) at GC for $300
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Dude go to a pawn shop. I got a guitar+amp for $330! The guitar isnt the greates since its only a strat copy but the amp is a Marshall Valvestate.
I guess I am sort of asking for a miracle lol...and sorry about all the emotes.

But even if I went to a pawn shop I would have no idea what I was looking at lol... That is, If I could find a pawn shop around here...

I'd come back with a good looking piece of junk and 300$ lighter.
Don't have any guitar friends around here to take with me to help out...i'm pretty much screwed xD