woah.. amazing
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i've been learning this song lately, and i have to take my hat off to you sir, you've made a very good attempt. my only 'quibble' is that you on the percussive slap you try and let your notes ring out a bit longer, because sometimes you're just totally muting them. but great technique, such a hard song to sing and play, great work...keep at it
thanks guys

and apologies for the voice, i have a cold. i dont have a good voice by any means, but its nowhere near as awful as it was for this recording.
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the guitar did sound really good...clear quality. its even more impressive that you played and sang it live i'm guessing? i didn't think the vocals were bad at all. i can see how it kind of sounds like you have a cold, but the tone of your voice is pretty unique sounding. i don't know the original either, but i enjoyed listening to it. good job!

crit me?
i didnt find the vocals to be that bad at all. not john mayer, but you have your own sound that still fits. im loving the guitar too.
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