Hey guys, I've taken your helpful advice before and i hope you can help me again. I'm back in my band, but i"m playing bass now. i have a Ibanez Soundgear GSr 200 and a small peavey practise amp. i need a new amp for gigging, but one that still sounds good. I've heard plenty of loud, crappy amps in my time. I mean gigs like the Reverb at least. (if anyones from the T.O around here). I cant go much more than 500$ though. I'd appreciate your help!

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i think so....thats enough if it was for guitar, but dunno, havent been in the bass world much lately till now....ill check it out though
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I've got a blog about the 300 watt Ashdown MAG300 that I love. Would 300 watts be enough to suit your needs?

If not then I'd like to buy him a beer
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nothing with tubes, it'll be a hassle transporting them without breaking the tubes (either with physical punishment, or weather related)

as you know, tubes like to be at a steady temp. moving them from a cold place (trunk in winter) to hot place (gigging area) will crack tubes. vice versa.