Okay, i got an Epi Les Paul Standard, and i dunni wtf happened it but the tone knob for the bridge pickup is ****ed. It's all shakey and when you turn it up full it just keeps turning on and on and has no end.

so my question is, can i fix it myself or throw it to a shop & fork out the money?
if it's fairly simple i's have a go at it.
You'll need to take off the actual knob (by pulling it off), and then tightening a nut at the base of the pot shaft. That should fix it. Once that is done, you may want to open up the back of the guitar to see if any wires have come loose, or are looking pretty iffy.
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If it just keeps spinning you will definetly have to take off the cover because you have probably pulled the wires off the pot by turning it to much. If the wires were still attatched you wouldnt be able to keep turning it.As long as you have a soldering iron it should not be too hard of a repair.
As mentioned above start by pulling off the knob and tighten the nut.
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