You fail at life
I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.
-Mohandas Gandhi
This would've made a better duckroll. Because that wasn't funny.
Number 9
Number 9
Number 9
Number 9
Number 9
Dude why were you looking up fat chicks on youtube. Cause we all know thats how you found this.
you still haven't fixed it

and btw why were you watching this:
Tha first fat chick starts wailing on tha guy,but then anotha fat chick comes in to help...But wait till tha end ta see who else joins tha party

i mean . . .

fat chick beat down? joins the party? and there's 3 of em? .. . . . .. . .. ...

whatever floats your boat man..
"There's Jimmy Page, the greatest thief of American black music who ever walked the earth."
-Homer Simpson