I found an Engl Fireball for $750, good deal? Can anyone explain to me the styles this amp can cover. Thanx.
That's a VERY good deal. It's mainly used for metal, but is very versatile. Damn, I want a fireball for $750

The Fireball will completely DESTROY your Fender.
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it is an extremely good deal. they run about $1200. great find. it is mainly a metal amp, but covers rock and blues fine. it also has great cleans. some of the best i've heard.

edit: your ibanez and Schecter will feel all warm and cozy, like they were made to be played on that bad boy. i hope you are satisfied.
I thought the Fireball was supposed to be the least versatile ENGL. Great find though.

... Send it to me now.
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brootalz modern/death metal.

I wouldn't say it's exactly versatile...
EDIT: ^ +1

a lot of the engls are extremely versatile. the fireball is not one of them.
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High gain, or no gain..
However, having Humbuckers or singlecoils does make a difference..

I do love the cleans with bright switch thru neck single coil PU
Hey guys thanx for all the feedback, I'm goin to try to get him to come down a lil on it, cuz all I have is $550, i'm goin to try to get the rest of the money. Not having a job sucks lol but thanx for helping me.