Do I really need to spend 100 bucks on a tuner? How bad are the 45 buck ones?
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my guess is the buffers would be horribe, and the tunning not be so accurate.

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I've actually tried one and it's not too bad. For the $45 that it is, you can't expect it to be really great, but for the price, I'd take it over something like the Boss tuner that's twice the price.
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I have one and it works well. Of course, it's not gonna be as good as your $100-200 counterparts but it's definetely worth it.
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Try the Ibanez LU-20. It's $40, sturdy, accurate, and true bypass
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Alright, thanks.
Do you like anime/manga?
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i know, i know, it's more money, but if you were looking for rugged stage use.


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I found a used PT-10 for $20 the first week I picked up guitar, and it's served me well ever since.

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