Is there any way that two electric guitars and an electric drumset can be hooked up to some kind of device where the output is through 3 separate headphones that each member wears and listens to the sounds produced. We are in a situation where we have to keep the noise to a minimum, and I figured if something like this existed it would be the best solution for us.

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guitars into multifx or preamp -> mixer -> headphone out?

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You could probably use some sort of recording interface (so there's no lag) or mixer and have it monitor it back to your headphones when you're playing and use a splitter into the headphone jack to get it to play through 3 set of headphones. Just an idea.
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A Mixer?

something like that but not really.....
Mixers take lots of inputs and put it all to a stereo track and in some cases...a sub out or two...but thats high end. They are meant for live sound so the audio can all go though a single amp setup for the PA. what you need is a device that takes lots of inputs and put it out to more than one output and gives controls like EQ and level for the outputs. This member is looking for a headphone mixer like the Mackie HMX56

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Mixer with headphone splitters on its headphone jack.
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