I love the spill canvas, and i couldnt find any other threads on them. what are some other good bands that sound like theyre acoustic stuff?

my favorite songs:

All Hail The Heartbreaker
Black Dresses
Arbor A410 Bass
Dinosaur 20 Watt Bass Amp
Line 6 Spider III 75 Watt
Squier Bullet

Excuse me sir, have you been thinking tonight?
i like their acoustic version of polygraph right now.
Real eyes realise real lies.
*loves "the tide", "lullaby", and "self-conclusion"*

haven't heard anyone else like them, though
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love the "sunsets and car crashes" album

the tide
the night will go as follows
all hail the heartbreaker
sunsets and car crashes...
i could go on and on

No Really, I'm Fine is a masterpiece too =]