It's called Baby Be Quiet. Although I would call it Jazzy/bluesy, it's still two rockers at heart performing it, so I'd hesitate to call it a true jazz tune.

I wrote it a couple days ago, and did all the recording and mixing and 'mastering' yesterday. I made it for songfight, an online songwriting competition site. They give a new title every week (or so) and you have to write a song for that title by the given deadline (which is typically one week from when they give the title). The songs go up on the main page where people vote for their favorite. There's a forum there where everyone critiques the songs that have been submitted. If you're interested in improving your songwriting and recording, I'd recommend checking it out, as it's a fun thing to do, and much can be learned from the critiques.

Anyways, that's my songfight plug, but let me know what you think of the song.

House of Hodgman is another one I did for that site, and it's pretty rockin', so feel free to check that one out too.

As mentioned, I shall critique your songs if you critique mine.
This song... wasnt really for me, i thought the guitar with effects was pretty good but not my cup of tea. The solo was really good also, my only problem with this song is that the vocals seem kinda... forced, like they dont really fit the song - But hey, im no pro... and good job (Y)
i liked the wah effect, solo was good too, but as agosen said the vocals should be a bit les forced great tone btw

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=693026 my song, feel free to crit
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I personally like the guitar a lot and the drums very solid and clean... the voice could be worked... it seems to its hard to say it, but like its trying to be sexy in a weird way haha. I'm sorry its not bad, its just tonally its too emotional (emotion is good but try and be more sincere and appropriate)... Listening to the actual words I am picking on some serious satire, so I'm guessing your vocals were reflective of that...

Work on your pitch

And this is a great bluesey song.

Its good now, love love love the instrumentals, you just need to find a voice that fits this song... something softer and in tune.
I liked the guitar and the drums, but the singing didn't really match the song I think. It's kind of like your talking most the time, but a great beat. I like the wah sound of your guitar. Drums sound so realistic, I am guessing your in a band. It reminded me of Jimi Hendrix, except it was more phish like because of the way you sand it. If I was you I would get some faster lyrics maybe speed up the beat before your chorus. Definetely give it more edge though, it's got a great beat. Your solo is impressive, but get the bass guitar more of a sub like bass and meanness like distorted guitars do.

Hey, I liked it, I would never be able to play like that, but you need to change somehting about the vocals. Thanks for criting my song man, keep up the good work!
First impression from listening - this is one smooth tune

Okay, now I've had a full listen, here's some good and negative points :


- I disagree on points people have left about the vocals being forced. I think they suit it just great.
- Definitly reminds me of an Adam Sandler song, it's got some pretty funny moments masked behind the music/style. I sure as hell hope that's what you were going for.
- That wah is awesome.
- As was your tone.


- It not being a 'serious' song kind of lets it down in some senses... I dunno, that's all I've got really for this part!

Really loved the song man, I'm listening to it again!

Thanks for the crit on my song
Hey man, thanks for the crit on mine.

This reminds me of a mixture of Pink Floyd and something like Aerosmith. I like some of funny lyrics. Guitar tone is fantastic, very thick. It makes me think David Gilmour. Very enjoyable, and good luck in the competition. Everything is solid.
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