I have a 1970's (not sure exact year) Fender Twin Reverb (Silver Panel) and the reverb just isn't working. The reverb cables are plugged in...Any suggestions?
New tubes? New tank? Take it to a tech?
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Check the pan to see if the springs are unhooked, broken or tangled. Check the wires where they hook into the circuit board. Clean the reverb pot with contact cleaner. There may be a time delay chip in the pan has gone bad (sorry, don't remember if the reverb is tube driven or chip driven.) If its a tube driven reverb obviously check the tube. Wait for more knowledgable posters, as I am far from an expert. Just preliminary ideas.
I have one of these amps from around the same time, silverface as well. When I was talkin to a few people about them they said most people wear the reverb section out. I wasn't too sure about this. It was just a statement made to me...

I'd take it to a tech, definatly.

Welcome to the vintage tube family!
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Quote by MESAexplorer

Welcome to the vintage tube family!

Yeah really, not the first issue i've had but damn do i love the tone of this amp.

ill take it in asap. Thanks for the help so far guys.