My current experience level is next to nothing, so I would be very appreciative of any beginner equipment related tips anyone has. The two biggies I of course assume are the guitar and amp, though I am probably more clueless about all the little things i.e. tuners, pedals, software / computer stuff, cables, etc. etc.

I plan on taking things very seriously and have a flexible budget. I want to play mostly metal but would like to be able to play rock / punk without having to switch guitars / amps. Would an Ibanez S470 be too much for my noob self?

Keep in mind I'm basically clueless
Guitar's probably fine...for an amp get a Roland Cube and as effects maybe a line 6 pod, boss me-50, or a one of the digitech gnx models.
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Whoa! An S470 is probably overkill for someone starting off, though if you're really committed to learning than by all means go for it - excellent value guitar and very easy to play too. I think you might be better with the SA or maybe the SZ series though, since they don't have the fiddly Floyd Rose-style tremolo, which is a lot of hassle if you don't really need it!

As for amplification, a Peavey Rage or similar would be ideal to get you through the first couple of months. Then you can look into getting a decent gig-worthy amp.