Hey guys I was wondering what you you think of this particular guitar.


I personally think that it is very ugly it is so sharp i am fearful that I will somehow prick myself on its many sharp edges. It lacks color I like my guitars to reflect my personality and be vibrant with lots of color I seriously don't think that this is available in my favorite color of pink. Personally in my opinion I would prefer a Hello Kitty Guitar. Well what do you guys think I would love to hear your opinions.
Sexy. I played one at Guitar Center the other day and it is just beautiful--to look at and play. If I could afford this type of guitar a Dime-tribute guitar would definitely be in the mix for me. The only thing I don't like is it has 22 frets and I like 24, but most guitars have 22 so it's not that big of a deal.

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I *heart* Metal ----Violent J----
The neck felt a bit dry to me. But, at the place I was trying it at, they kept their guitars in **** condition. It had decent sound, chugged really nicely in metal. And sounded good if you were shredding on it. (I can't shred, but I saw this one girl with it, flying across the fretboard.)