Ok, so I may be trading my old unused PSP for a guitar. I have the guitar with me, and I'm wondering what it is.

Here are some pics:

I haven't been able to find a serial number or anything, and it doesn't have a name on it anywhere...

Any ideas what it could be, or how to find out what it is?
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take it to a local guitar shop where the people are sort of fanatical about guitars, ask the people what their knowledge is of guitars and try to find someone with the right knowledge
It looks like a Teisco or a similar budget brand. They were the cheapo guitars in the 60s, 70s, that period, but there's a solid number of collectors out there for this kind of thing. Don't know how good it would play, though......


^Your best bet as to finding out what it is would probably be to contact that guy. He seems knowledgable about such things.
Gibson/Epiphone, but Like Slash said, prob a BC Rich... Weird that theres no name on it.
I've been taking off hardware, and still havent found a serial number, anyone know where it would be?
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I'm no fancy doctor, but it sounds like you've got the clap.
Ok, so update, and a possible match.

I have never seen a bridge like this before:

Until I looked up Hollow Body on Google Images, and came up with this guitar:

A Hagstrom Espana? Could it be a match?
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I'm no fancy doctor, but it sounds like you've got the clap.
well its not a BC Rich for sure, wow, to me it looks like a harmony, they used pickups like that on begginer guitars, it quite possibly could be a hagstrom, it looks like a 70s era guitar for sure, but the bolt on neck makes me suspect its a hagstrom copy
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Nope, close, but it's not the Hagstrom. Bridge claw is wrong and cutaway points are shorter. as far as I can find they also did not use the metal plate for the controls, all the Hagstroms I can find pictured have knobs mounted the same as Gibson 335 guitars, no backing plate. Their headstock was not a Gibson copy either.

I'm thinking Teisco or Kingston, a Teisco competitor. Definitely a 60's or 70's japanese guitar. I can't find a Teisco or Kingston that matches so far, but some of the Teiscos are very close. A good ID page for Teisco is Here, click the ID Parade link for links to the hollow bodies.

I don't have much time right now, you might also look up Kingston, Decca, Kent, Silvertone and any other off brands you can think of. This is probably made by Teisco and could have had any of a half dozen names stuck on it with a decal on the headstock that's now long gone.
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I've been searching those brands that have been said, but still haven't come up with much. I don't know where else to look!
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I'm no fancy doctor, but it sounds like you've got the clap.
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Looks like some sort of cheapo Gibson copy.

NO WAY! Thanks for the help!
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I'm no fancy doctor, but it sounds like you've got the clap.
some kind of 335 knock off?
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Well, not much more after over an hour of looking, (not exactly covering lots of territory being on dial up) but take a look at this Teisco ET on the third row, then this Kent especially the knob plate on the Kent. That's shaped almost identical to yours, and both have the short cutaways and the green Teisco EP7T in the firrst link has almost identical pickups.

Teisco made a lot of guitars that other companies could slap their logo on, usually by decal, like my Kingston, and Kent was made by Guyatone. Teisco also made some of the weirdest shaped guitar bodies of them all in the 60's. I'd like to stumble on the Teisco EV2 or EV3, May queen or a Domino Californian, maybe an Eko Rok...

I can't find a definite ID but that's in the ball park, 60's Japanese guitar. Some of them were pretty good and some are collector's items bringing some inpressive prices. And some of the hollow bodies played and sounded pretty decent, I've played some Teisco, Kent and others that were pretty good. My 1966 Harmony Bobkat is American made, but probably worth $250-300 even in its beat up condition. It cost about $75 new.
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And yet still more...

eBay sale is a Decca, another japanese guitar probably a Teisco with a Decca logo, has the same bridge claw and headstock. I spotted another Decca with an identical control knob plate and painted headstock, lost it though.

Sorry I can't get an exact match, I've looked using every brand and keyword I can think of, the best I can do is narrow it down to Teisco, Goyatone, Kent or Decca going by the hardware and headstock...
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Anybody ever thought that it may be a one off that someone made themselves?

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I say, play it, if it sounds nice, re-string it, maybe put some nice (but cheap) pups in it, maybe like a pair of p-90s from GuitarFetish? But them pups are pretty wide, it may not fit...?

anyways I dont have anything really relevent to add anymore.