m building another strat and also conducting an experiment, which bridge gives the most sustain.

specs are

birdseye maple neck
rosewood fretboard
abalone inlays
poplar body
1 humbucker
bolt on neck
front routed
left handed
gotoh trem
12" radius fretboard

so far ive gotten the body cut out and routed to size, the neck pocket templates done just gotta route that tommorow. all my stuff is gonna be here tommorow ill probably get pretty far on it tommorow, probably pretty close to done.

neck feels great cant wait to play it.

I deleted the other thread because ive change my plans and the title was way off.

right now im thinking a very light blue for the finish. and a white pickguard.
Good job, I was wondering, is it possible to have a strat with 24 frets? I am a BC Rich fan and they usually have 24 frets by default...
Looking good. Any ideas for the pickup yet?
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why'd u cover the birdseye maple with rosewood??? don't u want to see more birdseye???
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you see alot of birdseye on the back of the neck and the headstock. and i really like this piece of rosewood. birdseyes a really nice wood though, i think im gonna use it for the neck on my next build too
okay, right now the plan for this build is to put a 1/8th inch curly maple cap on the poplar body and do a black burst around the whole body.
very nice but i thought you were doing string through tom for one of your tests ?
i see no tom in your inventory.
but its looking nice, not really a fan of strats but seeing how well you built your last one i'd be a fool not to follow this, brilliant idea too with the testing.
thanks, i chose not to do a tom, instead ill just be doing the three strat bridges. its gonna be another carved top very similar to my last build, but with a black burst
thanks picked it up on ebay for 20$ with shipping and got two out of it, i keep looking on ebay for a piece like it but i cant find one thats as good. i look every day on ebay for a good deal on fingerboard wood since most of it isnt available locally.

thats the top being glued on
that is alot of clamps, you work fast also.
i kinda saw this before, but didnt kno u got any work done. and ur a lefty? kool. leave the back unfinished, so u can test the two hardtail bridges in a full body, then route the back out for the strat trem.
yea im not gonna finish the guitar until the experiment is done.

nope im not a lefty i just play lefty(not sarcasm).
Nice! I have a suggestion, shape it like an Aerodyne, like this:

I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.

well at least you're good at building them

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i hate any other strats lol

got this done im done working on guitars for the night maybe anyway, im almost at the point where i can start working on the experiment, just a few minor things that have to be done, the experiment will be done in the stage where it is uncarved, for now its just gonna have one humbucker and one volume, i rarely change my tone around, and if i do ill just use one of my other strats, im thinking about making this active in the future.

btw, strats are the most comfortable to play sitting down that dont look wierd

also note that there is a point on the cover, this was just sanded out, i took the pics right after i routed it and put the copper tape on.
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wow i better finish this up fast, i screwed up my first strats fret job, and thats my favorite guitar hopefully i wont have to refret it, if it comes to that im just gonna scrap that neck and make a nice one for it.
looking great. I love the birdseye maple!
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okay ive bolted on the neck and im gonna start the experiment real soon. also, im gonna be making an all curly maple neck with walnut fret markers. the crappy neck i got for my first build has died.
looking awesome so far dude, nice maple top .
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