This is only the beginning of the song, I just wrote it tonight so its not even close to being finish. I wanna see what people think of it though.


Fate, It leads me to believe
Believe in only you
Believe in whats left of me

It leads me to believe
The shimmer of hope
Hope that you're the one to rescue me

And you are my, my way out, you're my escape route, my escape route
And you are my, my refuge, you're my parachute, you're my parachute
the first stanza is kind of contradictory. 'believe in only you/ believe in whats left of me' maybe stick an 'and' in there at the end of the second line, or take out the only or something. or leave it how it is. maybe i'm just picky.

other than that it seems like a pretty good start
Yeah, I know it sounds like it contradicts. But in a way it makes sense. If you think of it as "She is all thats left of me" then it might clear that up