well i'm in jazz band at my high school, i took gutiar lessons for a while, but never quite got notation down, right now i'm learning through a book, but the process is slow, and we have a competition. Could anyone find guitar tabs for Granada Smoothie or Good Time Blues, i've looked, but to no avail. thanks in advance
I was in this situation many a time

1. Get Guitar Pro or Powertab. Download the trial version of Guitar Pro 5.
2. Tab it out in GP5, and it will show both the notation (which you know and will be 'tabbing') and the tablature, which you can read.
3. Read it, learn it
4. Profit

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check 911tabs.com if its not there, it probably doesnt exist.

and also, dont be a cheater. learn your scales and chord shapes cuz you'll be kicking yourself if you get to harder songs and cant play without tabs. if you dont understand, ask your guitar teacher or even your jazz band teacher for help and they should take care of you



lol im taking a jazz lab class right now and this is exactly what I just did. You just type the notes in on the staff and the tablature appears at the bottom/
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i dont' take lessons any more, (financial issues) and my jazz band teacher plays trumpet, baritone sax, trombone, and percussion. He can read guitar notation fairly well, but he doesn't have the time to help me, and he's not all that great at it himself. and explain the whole guitar pro thing in a bit more detail please, you can get a free trial verson, fill in notes on a staff and it'll tab it all out for you? and 911 tabs has neither songs, but theres a video on youtube of granada smoothie, and i can't find **** on good time blues
Guitarpro and Powertab play through tabs highlighting the currently played backing track while playing a midi version of the song generated by the tab. Powertab is free but Guitarpro costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $50. It does have realistic audio playback, the ability to do percussion backing tracks, and a bunch of other features, etc. Powertab is quite simple but operates off of you plugging in numbers into a tab staff, and it puts your tab into standard notation for you as well.
Well you could download GP and import those songs as midi file
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