If I were to install some of my games to an external hard drive and then play them while the hard drive was connected to my comp thru the usb drive, would the games run noticeably slower? I ask because my computer is low on hard drive space and since its a laptop, my only real option is to use my external drive or start deleting stuff
Slower, yes. Noticeably? I'm not sure, but I wouldn't think so, if you have enough RAM and processing power. I would just delete some stuff. What kind of games? New, graphically demanding games?
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Im thinking about moving my older games like Americas Army and Halo 1 to the external drive, maybe WoW too. While leaving Half Life 2 on this computer
well considering i managed to install an operating system and everything else that goes along with it on a external usb drive (my ide controller broke so it wouldnt read hard drives) and it works perfectly but i also have usb 2.0 and a 1.5 ghz proccessor and its a laptop but i put linux on it so its fast no matter wat but you should have no problem
Ok after reading this I think ill experiment with Halo 1 and see if its any different. If that works Ill start adding other games over
Should work fine, No problems.
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External HD may have a much slower access speed than the internal memory. Some of those things are really ****ing slow, especially if you don't index them (I think).

Well can't take too long to do it and find out!
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