I've just recently started to play with a bunch of people, so I need to start getting some gear that sounds decent and can handle pretty high volumes. Right now I have an Ibanez guitar, which I just put some new pickups in, the main one that I'll be using is a super distortion dimarzio in the bridge so it's very high gain. I was wondering if I should get rid of my Boss MT-2 distortion pedal and replace it with an overdrive pedal or something better to get a little cleaner crunchier sound.

The other issue is with my amp (which is a 100W transtube peavey), whenever I turn it up a bit I start getting really bad feedback (mainly ear piercing screeches haha). So I was wondering if there was an amp any of you would recommend trying. I play mainly metal and hard rock if you were wondering. Thanks in advance!
You want a high gain amp for metal? 6505+, 5150 III which is a kickass amp, Peavey XXX, if you wanna spend some more you could look for a Mesa/Boogie two channel dual or triple rectifier used, the new three channel ones are meh imo. Um, Carvin V3s are awesome, Stillettos, Engl Invader, Framus Cobra, Uberschall, etc.

Any of those heads are good. Stick a 2x12 or 4x12 under it depending on money left over, loaded with v30s. Check out avatarspeakers.com for that
5150 II / 6505 is a right choice for a good price
wanna "bang!" ur head more?
how 'bout Krank Krankenstein, Rivera KnuckelHead, or try Diezel??
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