I just received my new Fender Mexican strat from Music 123 today. It was listed as a "blem" for $339. I took a chance and bought it. It only has a few very minor scratches and is a great looking instrument.

However, one of the bridge saddles? (I think that's what they're called) is broken. One of the 2 small screws to adjust it is stripped. The saddle goes all the way to the guitar body on 1 side. I'm new to this so help me here. Fender was no help and neither was the seller. Is this an easy and inexpensive issue to deal with? I really don't want to send it back so what do you recommend?
u can buy a new bridge at guitarfetish.com their hardware isn't bad. its just their electronics stuff that piss me off.
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You can get new saddles for cheap. Or if you wanted, a new bridge. I hear good things about guitarfetish.com's stuff.
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I've heard guys praise the GFS saddles for adding more life to their sound, well on Chinese guitars at least. Either way, they are cheap, and should work perfectly fine, and might be better than the stock saddles on an MIM. And if you have a 2 point trem, I think they have a nice Wilkinson bridge that should fit. I have what is apparently the same Wilkenson that came with a strat copy I own, and it is amazing for what it is.