I just bought my first acoustic guitar and need help starting with songs. I would like to learn some but the ones i want are all way too damn hard to play!!!

Any recommendations for easier acoustic songs that sound great and people would recognize??

One song that most people can pick up pretty quickly is Wonderwall by Oasis. You need a capo, but once you get the four main chords down, you just have to get used to the strumming and it's instantly recognizable.

There's not a lot else much easier that people would probably recognize.
cool, ill give them a try!
does anyone here know anything about strumming, i saw these notations and I am not sure what they mean

x x V x x ^ x x

Generally a row of x's mean a muted hit (kinda rest your hand on the strings so the frets aren't really held down, and strum just kind of as a beat-holder) and the ^ and V are respectively upstrokes and downstrokes.
check the sticky threads and use the search function. i'm sorry to close your thread, but there are TONS of these same threads.