I spent about 4 hours today at a dealership trying to find a vehicle with good mileage, storage, and around $300 a month. I was curious to get a small SUV but didn't like any of the ones I tried out (Honda Element, Xterra, etc.) Finally when I was about to walk out, the salesman pointed out a 2005 Dodge Magnum, a car with good storage once the seats are down.

It has 23,000 miles on it, stylish, and has a lot of features I've been curious about. It seems to be a good fit for my needs right now. The price on it was dropped from 19,000 to about 17,000 after trading in my 2000 Lumnia (180,000 miles) and some other discounts. They originally wanted $2,000 for a downpayment but I can only afford $500 right now. Monthly payments will be $320 or so.

I told the salesperson to let me sleep on it. I know the Lumnia really needs to be replaced soon because it's on it's last legs.

Do you think I should go ahead with this deal?
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That's not bad at all for 17,000. I always saw those cars and thought they were A LOT more. I think you should go for it. I don't think you'll get another deal like that.

Hell, that's just $3,000 more than my 2002 Honda CRV.
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down sides are, bad gas mileage and a Daimler-chrysler transmission, they tend to burn up pretty quick