Or atleast ones people never talk about in guitar solo discussion.

Elephant Man - Mastodon (Bret Hinds)
Pendulous Skin - Mastodon (Bret Hinds)
Fifty Fifty - Frank Zappa
Spegetti Western - Primus (Ler Lalonde)
Triad - Tool (Adam Jones)
The Argus - Ween (Dean Ween)

I could go on, but that's a good start. Help me out here and jog my memory of some important, yet often forgotten, solos.
Blue Oyster Cult - Dont fear the reaper
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Kramer pacer
Screamin' deamon (neck)
Live-wire metal (bridge, 18v)
Finaly knobs that go to 11
cosmik debris-frank zappa
aqualung-jethro tull (martin barre)
back door angels-jethro tull (it was an album cut on warchild and just incredible.look it up)
limelight-rush (alex lifeson-one of the most beutiful melodic solos ive heard him do)
shine on you crazy diamond part 1-pink floyd (david gilbert)
sound of muzak-porcupine tree (one of the coolest solos IMO. i think hes using a weird scale like a hungarin minor or something)
shesmovedon-porcupine tree

thats just a short list of what i can think of right now.
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shine on you crazy diamond part 1-pink floyd (david gilbert)

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Dire Straits- Sultans Of Swing

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Wishbone Ash - Throw Down The Sword
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Mr. Fantasy - Traffic
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Digital Love by Daft Punk has a amazing solo. It wasn't recorded by an actual guitarist but it can be reproduced on guitar note for note.
Blitzkrieg- Yngwie Malmsteen
In my Darkest Hour- Megadeth
The thing that should not be- Metallica
2112 2nd solo- Rush
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Blinded By The Light- Manifred Man- the solo almost halfway through the song when it gets really quiet, has to be one of the most serene solos ever

And Sultans of Swing usually makes top 100 lists
Something by The Beatles (George Harrison) and Taxman by The Beatles (Paul McCartney). Something's solo is one of the most melodic and beautiful pieces of music I've heard and Taxman's for some reason I just love.
BAT COUNTRY!!! seriously... i know theres alot of A7X haters out there... but the solo is genius... listen to it a couple times and you'll see.

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Smooth - Santana (ft. Rob Thomas)

Very easy song to learn. It's basically several soloes in different random sections of the song, and shows Santana's genius in creating flavorful and amazing solos.
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Pretty much any song by The Doors, Robby Krieger is a great guitarist but almost no has even heard of him. I'd say Can't You See by Marshall Tucker Band and Down By The River by Neil Young.
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Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

this is more not known about that underrated. Every guitarist should know this song. Bast solo Ever.

Everythings ruined by Faith No More has a great solo in the context of the song, and i think that that is more important than flash technique. But then again, Im a bassist who doesn like guitarists ****ting all over the song
Highway Song - Blackfoot
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shine - collective soul, the live version is pretty amazing i must say

welcome home - coheed and cambria...this solo's like a minute long, on a double neck guitar, it's awsome!!
What God Wants (part 3) - Jeff Beck (with Roger Waters)

Maggot Brain - Eddie Hazel (Funkadelic)

Watermelon in Easter Hay - Frank Zappa

Anything by Buckethead
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'Revelation - Mother Earth' (Randy Rhodes)
'Working Man' and '2112' (Alex Lifeson)
fun lovin criminals - i can't get with that - huey's best guitar solo