yeah alright so i need some bitchin costume idea's
I was thinkin garth from waynes world or something like that
throw some ideas at me
bugs bunny when he dressed up as a girl bunny....

say... did you ever find bugs bunny attractive when he dressed up and pretended to be a girl bunny?
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go back to sleep
Waking up with boobs? Is there a visine for that.
I went to a party the other night as Inspector Gadget. It was a rousing success.
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The problem is though I live in one of the smallest **** stains of a city in canada so I've got very limited access to things to use as a costume

i've got a thing of face paint in my room some crazy furry hat...
i dunno...
bucket head meets mastercheif?

Lack of costume parts though

Donnie darko
I have blonde hair.
thats obviously a no-go
gotta keep it like simple and easy
but amazingly ingenius.
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Donnie darko
I have blonde hair.

Frank's the giant bunny dude, not Donnie!

Optimus Prime.

My mate did it once, all he did was cut arm holes in boxes and paint them red blue and silver.

It was the greatest thing I have ever seen.
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

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Halloween costume? Hmmm. Dress like a burglar in black and white stripes. Instead of knocking at peoples front doors, climb over the back wall or fence. If you get caught, laugh it off as a joke. If you dont get caught, rob the place.....
Or then again of course, you could just be reading my signaure now...
Dress up as the corpse of Kurt Cobain, guitar and shotgun in your hands.
Super-serial list of equipment: guitar, amp, some picks, and a cable.

I know i can be an A55hole, however i try to mean well most of the time..
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Dress up as the corpse of Kurt Cobain, guitar and shotgun in your hands.

Oh hell yeah
great idea dude
people keep saying i look like him
so uhh all i need is a shotgun and some brain matter
where the **** is my cat?
Wait you said you lack material to use for the costume ?

Go all nude and ductape your ass,dick+balls and around your head and callyourelsl the "Ducktape guru"