ok i was wondering if any of you guys knew how to get rid of that damn msn virus the one where it frezes up your computer and sends it to all your friends. It really pisses me off and i want to get rid of it any help would be good thanks
You just have to reinstall msn in your start menu... I hate that virus.
I got it before and it was...really annoying.

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What the fuck. You have to be pretty stupid to get that virus. It is obviously a fake link, but all my friends got it. Honestly I thought they were smarter than that.

haha i know what can i say i'm pretty stupid
You have to be pretty stupid to pick up any virus. I dont even have anti virus and have never had any problems. This is not even due to the .jpeg of Vin Diesel that I keep in my pictures folder....I just dont go on silly sites for porn and other sh!t.

Viruses are for n00bs....
Or then again of course, you could just be reading my signaure now...