any good songs that i could cover or tab out??like stuff from beck or chili peppers..anything that is easy..like in CGCFAD tuning anything would be great..
why do you not just google the bands you like and get their cd track listings and just pick some songs you recognize? BTW you can EDIT posts...and neither beck nor the chili peppers play anything in CGCFAD bud
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Roulette - System Of A Down
Hand Of Blood - Bullet FOr My Valentine

Theres a good slow one and a good fast one
both in that tuning and sound great when played acoustic
My Last Serenade - Killswitch Engage
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i am talking about covering..songs from beck or the peppers..or johnny cash you know...kinda the way like kittie covered run like hell from pink floyd
ok next person who comes along this and reads it tell me this should i go to the classical rock section to find out what songs i could cover with a cgcfad tuning