(For roughly the same $$)

If I could have the Ibanez RGA121 Prestige neck on another guitar I could build myself, then there wouldn't be a question. That's the neck I want, I'm just not crazy about the body or bridge. Since I can't buy the neck separately and slap on a custom guitar, I'm considering building my own from warmoth.

They aren't cheap to say the least. This is starting out with base Maple, not birdseye, or flame.

+ $35 Wizard profile
+ $30 Graphtech nut
+ $45 Peghead veneer
+ $65 Satin finish
+ $45 Custom peghead
+ $15 Pearl dots

= $408 just for a plain maple/rosewood neck.

and that's plain old maple, the same as on any cheap guitar I'm assuming.
The Ibanez Prestige is a 5 piece maple.

Birdseye adds another $36 or flame maple another $100.

Oh, and the warmoth 25.5" necks aren't a 24 fret neck like the Ibanez, not that it would ever matter.

For $200 or $300 more, I can get a good used RGA.

I need some advice from someone that's bought a warmoth or had a custom neck built.
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See if you can find a used Prestige neck at either of those places.
I hear warmoth necks are good quality, but for that price I'd go to eBay for the real Ibanez neck.
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See if you can find a used Prestige neck at either of those places.

I'll ask.

Maybe I could find one, but I may or may not be able to find or build the body I want to fit it.
your also paying labor charges on that. You could actually assemble a neck like that for a lot less, or if your willing, get a thicker cheaper neck and get it into the profile you want.

Otherwise for anything cheaper, you'll have to look on jemsite.com or ebay
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last i asked, warmoth will not do ibanez necks since they are not licensed, and then they directed me to Ed Roman.
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